Top 20 Languages to Localize your Apps 

App localisation is one of the secret weapons to succeed as an app developer

Top 20 Languages to Localise your Apps

1. English
2. Chinese (Simplified and Traditioinal)
3. Russian
4. Spanish
5. Portugese
6. Hindi
7. Korean
8. Japanese
9. Dutch
10. Ukranian
11. Kazakh
12. Italian
13. Filipino (tagalog)
14. French
15. Vietnamese
16. Arabic
17. Persian
18. German
19. Czech
20. Thai

How can you Translate?

Free Services

If you’re trying to translate short sentences, use Google Translate, it is almost always accurate. Another free but arduous way to get free and accurate translation is to make friends on language exchange website ( or facebook language exchange groups) and beg them (your friends) to translate your text for you.

Paid Services

If you need to translate accurately whether it’s a short sentence or long essay paid service is the way to go, but it will cost you some freaking Benjamins

  1. Google Play App Translation Service. For Android App this option is the best.
  2. Alconost
  3. Freelance Service (Fiverr, Freelancer etc) : This will be more expensive, than the first two, but quite effective when translating a long essay.

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