10 Things you probably don’t know about Kotlin

Few things we should know about Kotlin.

  1. It is a versatile Java based Language that runs on Java Virtual Machine, which lets our application run on all operating systems which is also one of the many advantages of Java.
  2. It is 100% inter-operable with Java. This simply means we can use the whole java library right inside our kotlin code and vice-versa without breaking our existing codebase. You know whats cool?  using Android Studio or IntelliJ IDE you can instantly convert your Java code into Kotlin code with the click of button. Yes, it works pretty well.
  3. It is much more concise than Java: This is huge improvement over Java such that boiler-plate codes (which do not contribute anything to our application and just clutters it) has been eliminated.
  4. Kotlin makes our code much much safer: Kotlin avoids NullPointerExceptions completely, this is a big deal because it is the most common form of exception in Java. Kotlin saves you a whole lot of stress.
  5. It is an Object Oriented Language just like Java
  6. Less Code, Improved Efficiency: Coding in Kotlin saves a lot of time as its compiler can understand and write a lot of code itself. The code becomes far easier to understand with less probability of errors. This also increases the productivity of the developer.
  7. Extra 6k+ Method Count: we get around 6K method count for using fun & amazing language.
  8. It is made by JetBrains, the same Company that makes Intellij  IDE upon which android studio is based
  9. It can be used to write both Android and Web Apps.
  10. Similar to Java but has a (slightly) different syntax and offers huge improvements over Java


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