Android Developer Starter Kit

This list contains a list of tools and services needed to be an android developer

1. Internet Access and Electricity

This is a basic necessity for modern day work. If you lack access to these either move to a new neighborhood or rent a co-working space.

2. A Computer

I recommend you get a 15 Inch Laptop.

Not just any Laptop will work for android development because Android Studio, the official software for Android Development, has minimum hardware requirements


3. An Android Phone

This is needed for testing your apps. Lucky for you, there are cheap but good android phones.

Pro Tip: Make sure you purchase an Android One Phone, so that you get fast android updates.

4. Developer Accounts

  1. Google Play Console is what you will use to publish your Apps to the Google Play Store
  2. Firebase is a Collection of Tools and Services we can use for android development
  3. Stack Overflow is where software developers, including android developers ask for help when they get stuck
  4. GitHub is for the code we write
  5. Ad Mob is for serving ads within your app

5. A Table and Chair

As a developer the table and chair is where you will be spending most of your time, that is why you need to apply the comfort principle here.

You should get a sturdy and wide table

Also get an ergonomic mesh Chair with Lumbar Support.

Do not be penny wise, pound foolish!

6. A Writing Surface


You need a writing surface like Note Pad or a Whiteboard to:

  1. solve problems
  2. document your process
  3. teach and
  4. collaborate.

A Note pad will do just fine but Whiteboards are used in organizations because it encourages collaboration

7. Phone Dock

This will hold your phone in an upright position, so that you don’t need to pick it up every time you want to test your app.

8. Head Phone or Truly wireless earbuds

You need these, to listen to tutorials or courses, if you have good speakers you do not need this

9. Health Insurance


Health is wealth.

You need to take care of yourself mentally, physically and spiritually.

have scheduled medical checkups

Play sports or hit the gym. I play soccer

Have a social life. Ask out a girl, host a party, go to the movies. Relax and be human.


10. Web Presence

  1. Social media Accounts, minimum of LinkedIn, Twitter and Reddit to promote yourself for jobs and other opportunities
  2. A blog, to teach others what you have learnt. Learn, Do and Teach is the formula for retaining knowledge.

11. Ultra Wide Monitor

LG 34-Inch 21:9 UltraWide IPS Monitor

This is a nice to have. It has two main advantages:

  1. Ability to open many apps side by side in a single window
  2. Develop better posture

12. Orthopedic Bed


An Orthopedic bed is usually recommended to people with joint pains but you do not have to have joint pains to use them. Orthopedic Mattress helps you achieve a better posture. Staring down a Laptop Screen can cause you develop bad posture.

13. Posture Corrector

If you do not have a monitor, you are slouching to read text off your laptop screen because the laptop screen is not at your eye level.

Man working using a laptop

Prolonged use of laptops in this way can cause neck pain, back pain, heart burn, slow digestion and so on.

If you can not afford a monitor or an orthopedic mattress to help stop slouching, you should at least get a posture corrector to counter the slouching posture you were exposed to.

14. Serene Environment

Your environment should be peaceful and clean to stimulate creative and bold thinking


15. Water


Drink lots of it, avoid the temptation of drinking soda.

16. Motivation and Dedication

As a beginner, computer programming concepts might be alien to you, here’s where you need to persevere and stay focused.


17. Some Money

You need $25 dollars to sign for google play console, buy internet access (if you have free wifi, good for you!) and the rest to take good Courses on Software development. Recommended Learning Resources

Edge Developer

Hello there, my name is Opeyemi Olorunleke. I am a Software Developer (majorly Android, GitHub Profile), Digital Marketer, Udemy Instructor, Technical Writer, Blogger & Webmaster.

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