Day: January 6, 2018

Kotlin Data Classes

In this tutorial we are going to discuss kotlin data classes, and show some examples on how you can use them in your app. We frequently create classes whose main purpose is to hold data. In such a case some standard functionality and utility functions are often mechanically derivable from the data.

Kotlin Function Overriding Rules

Overridden functions of an open class is open by default and we can stop that by using the final Keyword Meaning we can override and inherit overridden method by default. Let’s say we built a learning app. Course is our abstract class, KotlinCourse inherits or extends Course, SpecialKotlinCourse also inherits or extend KotlinCourse. As you can see from the code …

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Open & Abstract Classes and Inheritance in Kotlin

Kotlin: Open & Abstract Classes and Inheritance

In object-oriented programming, inheritance enables new objects to take on the properties of existing objects. We can have a class that can inherit properties and methods from the parent class when we inherit classes, we do not need to specify the method and properties again, in the new class (child class or subclass). In essence, it allows us to …

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